Jul 28, 2020

막스 램(Max Lamb, 1980년 출생)은 전통적이고, 원시적인 디자인 방법과 디지털 디자인을 결합시킨 영국의 가구 디자이너이다. 그는 모래와 화산암에 페테르를 붓는 등 자연적인 물질을 사용하는 특이한 접근법을 사용하는 것으로 알려져 있다.
Max Lamb (born 1980) is a British furniture designer who combines traditional, often primitive, design methods with digital design. He is known for employing unusual approaches to using natural materials, including pouring pewter onto sand, and volcanic rock.


막스 램은 다양한 소재와 공정으로 최근까지 만들어온 의자 마흔 두 개를 한 자리에 모아 ‘EXERCISED IN SEATING’이라는 전시회를 열었다. 대표적인 디자인으로 Pewter Stool과 Lost Wax Chair 등이 있다.
Max Lamb presented 42 of his seat designs made using a wide variety of materials and processes within a disused garage.

Fine bone china tableware
made in Staffordshire, England Various dimensions

The process of slip-casting begins with the creation of a three-dimensional model of the design known as a "master" by a professional model-maker, from which the production mould is cast.
Crockery bypasses this process by placing the responsibility of both designer and model-maker in the hands of Max Lamb.
Using the tools of a stone mason Lamb chips and carves a solid block of plaster to make a jug, bowl or mug,
the design of each formed quite simply out of their own making.

From the ‘master’ one or more plaster production moulds can be made,
often consisting of three or more parts to enable the cast to be safely removed in one piece.
Crockery is now ready for casting in fine bone china.